best travel backpacks for women

10 Best Travel Backpacks for Women

Not all backpacks are made the same. Sure, they all serve the same function, but when it comes to finding a travel backpack for a woman, it is difficult.

You want one that is comfortable and provides enough padding so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulders or back. Sure, you can find backpacks that can be adjusted to fit your particular height.

But even those are created for a man’s figure.  So how do you find a travel backpack that will fit you, a woman, and still be functional and practical?

We’ve done all the research and found out the best travel backpacks for women.

10 Best Travel Backpacks for Women in 2018

So just what are the best travel backpacks that will suit all your needs? Here is a list of the top 10 travel backpacks for women.

Each backpack caters to the female body providing you with the comfort and style you want when picking out a travel backpack.

1. Outdoormaster Hiking Backpack

It doesn’t matter if you are out hiking down your favorite trail or rushing to get to class the Outdoor Master is suited for all your needs. You will find more than enough space and room within this 50L travel pack to store all your gear.

The Outdoor Master comes with mesh pockets on the side to store items you want easy access to. Plus it comes with enclosed side pockets for your more personal items like keys and wallet. There is also an outer pocket to store food for your hiking trip, or your planner to keep your favorite book within reach.

You will also find that the Outdoor Master has a front open pocket and the main pocket. So, you see there is more than enough room and pockets for you to keep everything separated and organized.

Within the main compartment, you will find a slot for your laptop. You will also find an external pocket for your iPad or a 10-inch tablet. Plus a small pouch that fits your phone perfectly.

Now, if you plan to use this pack for any sort of travel, you will be pleased with all it has to offer. The Outdoor Master comes with a pouch for a bladder and hole for the hydration hose. It also has a slot for your headphone cable to keep the music going while you are out and about.

The Outdoor Master truly is the only backpack you will ever need for any occasion. You will find that taking this sack with you on all your adventures will make your life easier. Especially since it comes with a waterproof rain cover for your outdoor activities.

Carrying around the Outdoor Master travel backpack you can rest easy knowing your stuff is safe. Plus with its mesh ventilation and padded adjustable straps this sack is as comfortable as it gets.

Features I Liked:

  • Back mesh ventilation to keep you dry
  • Ample amount of storage space
  • Pockets upon pockets to keep everything organized
  • Waterproof rain cover to keep your stuff dry
  • Super easy setup
  • Plenty of attachment points
  • Reinforced Top-Mount carrying handle
  • Adjustable chest, waist, and shoulder straps
  • 7 Colors to choose from
  • Comes with Tent or sleeping bag straps

2. G4free women’s backpack

The G4Free travel backpack is another great choice for anyone looking for a backpack that will go the distance. You will be blown away with how much you can stuff into this 40L water resistant travel pack. One can easily get a sleeping bag, pad, walking sticks, and so much more into this sack.

One will also find that this highly compactable bag can be stored in something as small as a purse. Think about how much room you can save in your luggage when you take a trip with this sack. You can then add all your souvenirs into the G4Free without having to worry about shipping your new stuff home.

Now when it comes to the great outdoors you will find that the G4Free is constructed from high-quality nylon. The nylon provides you with the water and tears resistance you need when out in the backcountry. Plus the nylon is ultra-breathable and will keep you cool even on hot days hiking in the sun.

When it comes to pockets and accessibility you will have no issues. Your water is easily reachable with the side mesh pocket. You can store your personal stuff in the small front pocket. Everything else easy fits into the main compartment. Plus the G4Free has several points for you to latch gear to.

This travel backpack was designed to be the perfect alternative to using a suitcase or duffle bag when traveling. It is light super lightweight and easy to store when you are not using it.

Features I Liked:

  • Compactable
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Ample storage space
  • Fabric divider in the main compartment to keep things separated
  • Mesh side pockets for water bottle
  • Front pocket for smaller personal items
  • Easy access to all gear
  • Durable and strong zippers
  • Tear proof material

3. Vintage Travel backpack

Looking for a travel backpack that is a bit more stylish? The Vintage Canvas is the perfect selection for those who want a convenient travel pack with flare. The Vintage Canvas brings you back to days of old when adventurers and explorers were chic. But don’t be fooled by the looks of this 19L rucksack that is fully functional and rugged. It has plenty of storage space for all your day hiking needs.

The Vintage Canvas comes with two side pockets to keep your personal items close at hand. It also has a front pocket for your wallet and keys and the main compartment to store your food and drinks.

The three pockets on the outside are just the beginning when it comes to the organizational compartments this travel pack has. The inside offers you three separate compartments to keep all your stuff neat and organized.

This travel backpack isn’t constructed from your normal nylon and polyester. It is made from genuine leather deco which also means that it doesn’t breathe as well as the other materials.

Nor is it as waterproof and resistant as other backpacks. It is however very rugged and durable. You will have a really hard time ripping a hole through this material on your hikes.

If you are looking for a travel backpack that will be useful for school, work, hiking, camping, and life in general, then you need the Vintage Canvas.

Features I Liked:

  • Very cute and stylish
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Drawstring to close up the main compartment
  • Three outside pockets
  • Keeps everything organized
  • You can also get this style as a saddle bag
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

4. Hikpro Travel backpack

The HikPro is a simple travel backpack that will get the job done and store your stuff while you hit the trails. You will find that what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in simplicity.

This ultralight 6.5-ounce backpack holds only the bare minimal for your day trips. However, it keeps everything organized and in its place.

The HikPro offers you two side pockets to store water bottles. It also has a front pocket to keep your keys, cell phone and wallet close at hand. You can also fit a small camera in the front pocket if you don’t want to use your phone camera.

The main compartment will easily store your food, towel, and other bulkier items. You will find that the all in all this lightweight travel pack can store up to 20L of gear. It may not be big enough for extended hiking trips. But it makes for a perfect bag to use on day trips.

When it comes to the material, you will find that it is constructed from high-quality water and tear resistant nylon. It also has strong, dependable zippers that won’t get stuck on the material and reinforced in more than 14 places to make sure it won’t snag.

Storing this travel backpack isn’t an issue either. It compacts neatly so you can store it in a drawer or add it to a suitcase when traveling. Then when you need it, pull it out and you are ready to go.

While it may not be the fanciest backpack on the list, it certainly is the lightest. No matter where you are traveling to, the HikPro is useful, dependable and ready when you are.

Features I Liked:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh side pockets for water bottles
  • Neat and organized
  • Water resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Three Zipper Compartments
  • Perfect day pack
  • Multiple Colors

5. SwissGear women’s Travel backpack

Rugged? Check. Durable? Check. Stylish? Check. Swiss Gear has been known to create the best of the best backpacks. Their packs always stand up to the test of time and outlast any other sack on the market. You will never be disappointed when you get yourself a Swiss Gear backpack no matter where you are traveling to.

The Swiss Gear comes with more than enough storage space and compartments to keep everything in its place. The backpack comes with two side zippered pockets, two front zipper pockets, side mesh pocket and that is just on the outside. When you open up the backpack you will find a place for everything and be able to keep everything organized.

Like all Swiss Gear backpacks, the Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart is constructed from polyester making it water and tear resistant. You will love how you can open up this whole backpack and lay it out flat. This design will give you the advantage to find whatever you need quickly.

You won’t find a better backpack for all your travel needs. Swiss Gear offers you everything you could ever want in a backpack. You can bring everything you need for extended trips to day trips with this backpack. It truly is one travel backpack you should never leave home without.

Features I Liked:

  • Pockets within pockets – this pack is loaded with compartments to keep everything organized.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Air circulation
  • Lightweight
  • Super easy setup
  • Hooks inside tent to hang lights
  • Interior pockets for extra storage space
  • Waterproof
  • UV Proof
  • Durable and Reliable

6. Coreal women’s backpack

The Coreal is a great day trip backpack with vibrant colors that will stand out in the woods. Not many backpacks come in such colors that make it easy for other hikers to spot you should something happen. But it isn’t the color alone that makes Coreal such a great travel backpack. You will find that this lightweight sack is just what you need for all your hiking trips.

The Coreal offers you plenty of space within its 35L pack. It may not come with multiple compartments and pockets to store all your gear and personal items. But you will find that it is more convenient than a tote or duffle bag. The Coreal offers you several places to hook a D-ring to attach extra stuff, while the main compartment holds the bulk of your gear.

What makes the Coreal so special is how compact you can get this bag. It folds down nicely into a small sack the size of a kid’s lunch box. This feature makes it perfect to bring with you on trips so you can stash your souvenirs and extras in the bag without having to ship or purchase more suitcases.

When it comes to hiking though, you will appreciate the nylon material that makes this backpack water and tear resistant. Plus the adjustable straps allow you to make the backpack fit comfortably on your shoulders.

Whether you need a backpack for the beach, hiking, traveling, or everyday use, the Coreal will suit your needs.

Features I Liked:

  • Easily compact for storage
  • 35L capacity
  • Big oversized main compartment
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors to choice from
  • Easy to spot in the backcountry
  • Rugged material
  • Durable zippers

7. Waterfly Sling women’s backpack

The Waterfly is unlike any other backpack on this list as it is a sling travel backpack. This compact and lightweight rucksack is perfect for day trips into the wilderness or for everyday use. You will find that its looks can be deceiving as it can hold more than what you think.


The Waterfly is rain and snow proof that is constructed from frigostable soft nylon. It comes with the reinforced bartrack zippers so that they won’t get snagged on the material. For such a small little rucksack the Waterfly can hold up to 10L.

It also allows you to stay very organized with its 9 pouches and side mesh to hold your water bottle.

While this backpack isn’t useful for extended trips, it is perfect for day hikes. You will find that you can store exactly what you need within this pack. Plus it has a key rack, bank card pouch, and a wallet pouch so you have all your personal items in an easy to reach location.

Features I Liked:

  • Over the shoulder design
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Keeps everything organized
  • Rugged and Dependable material
  • Strong snag proof zippers
  • Multiple colors to pick from

8. Aotian Waterproof Travel backpack

Looking for a strong resilient travel backpack that will take a licking? The Aotian is the perfect backpack for you. You will find that this lightweight travel backpack can hold quite a bit of stuff without hurting your shoulders.


The first thing you will notice is all the storage compartments that keep your gear organized and easily accessible. The Aotian comes with two side elastic compartments to store your water bottles.

It comes with three front pockets to separate your personal items from your snacks. Then there is the main compartment that holds the bulk of your gear. Each pocket zips up with heavy duty zippers to keep your things secure

The Aotian is constructed from waterproof nylon making not only lightweight but also very breathable. When you are out hiking on the trail or carrying the Aotian around every day you will enjoy the ventilation this pack provides. As a note, you should know that this is a mini bag.

You won’t be able to fit a laptop or any bulky items in the bag. It is best used as a carry-on for trips or as a day travel bag for hiking. You could even use it as a substitution for your purse.

Features I Liked:

  • Outer shell constructed of Nylon making it waterproof
  • Inner shell constructed of polyester to ensure your stuff remains dry
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Great for day trips

9. Mardingtop women’s backpack

Camping, hiking, everyday use that is what the Mountaintop travel backpack is all about. Whatever the occasion you can load this 40L pack up and hit the road.


You will be amazed at the storage space and different compartments this bag offers. You have two side mesh pockets to hold your water bottle. Plus a front pocket to keep your personal items separate from the rest of your gear.

You will also notice that the Mountaintop offers a soft latching loop system for you to stash your jacket or other lightweight gear. The Mountaintop also has a reflective strip for extra security. That, however, is all on the outside.

When you open up the backpack you will find a compartment and place for all your things. Inside the main compartment, you will find that the backpack offers two separate compartments to keep your stuff organized.

Now when it comes to comfort, you will enjoy the cushioned back and ventilation that this pack offers. The adjustable padded straps allow the bulk of the weight to be manageable.

The Mountaintop travel backpack is constructed from water-resistant nylon and polyester materials. You will find that this is a great travel backpack no matter if you are taking it out for a day hike or for your everyday use. The Mountaintop is dependable and rugged.

Features I Liked:

  • Comes in different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage space for all your stuff
  • Great for hiking, camping, or everyday use
  • Water resistant
  • Keeps you cool even when hiking in the hot sun
  • Latches to strap the pack to your body
  • Comes with an emergency whistle buckle
  • Comfortable with padding where you need it the most
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Easy to locate all your gear

10. Kimlee Travel backpack

You will enjoy all the perks of the Kimlee waterproof backpack. The Kimlee can hold up to 40L and is great for camping, hiking, traveling and just about any occasion.

The storage space is remarkable. You will be able to find a place for everything and then some with this pack. The Kimlee comes with two side mesh pockets. Plus there is an extra pocket in the waist strap to hold your keys or other personal items.

The front of the pack offers a medium size pocket to store gear with a zipper in the front for easy access. Inside the medium compartment, you will find slots and smaller pouches to keep all your personal items separated and organized.

The Kimlee is constructed from high-quality polymer colophony and agglutination on the bottom to make this pack super waterproof. You will find that the pack itself offers plenty of padding all around to give you the comfort you need while out on the trail or traveling.

Features I Liked:

  • Adjustable padded straps and waist clip
  • Ample amount of storage space
  • Offers a water pipe hose clip
  • Plenty of places to clip on D-rings for extra gear
  • Breathable
  • Ventilation keeps you cool on hot days
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and strong nylon and polyester material
  • Safety reflectors on pack
  • Can hang tents, pads, and other camping gear

Things to Look For When Buying Women’s Travel Backpack

1- Material

When looking for the perfect travel backpack you need to figure out where it is you want to go. Are you taking a plane trip to another state and just need something to carry your personal items? Are you looking to go hiking in the backcountry and expect different weather conditions?

You see the material plays a major role in what kind of travel backpack you should get. You don’t want a backpack that is cotton when you are headed to the backcountry and it rains. Cotton will just get bogged down and soak everything in your sack. But if you are on a flight to a different city and will be indoors most of the time, then cotton will work just fine.

You need to be aware of the material so you can make an educated decision on which kind of travel backpack you need.

2- Straps

Another thing you need to look for is the straps. Do you want a traditional backpack with two straps or something more like a sling? Do you need your straps to be padded for added comfort? Maybe you need them to adjust to fit your size.

Straps are an important part of finding the right travel pack to suit your needs. If you know you aren’t going to be wearing your backpack very much then you don’t need to worry about the padding. But if you want the backpack to be used for all and any occasions then you will need to look into the straps of the sack before you purchase it.

3- Storage Space

Storage space is another thing you will need to pay close attention to when picking out your travel backpack. You don’t want to get a rucksack if all you need is a mini bag to get you through a couple of hours on the trail. Plus you wouldn’t want a small tiny little backpack that is only good for storing your personal items if you are going out on the trail for several hours.

The space that you need is defined by where you are going, and how you want to use your backpack. Remember that not all travel backpacks are the same. Some offer one main pocket while other provides multiple pouches and pockets and compartments to store your gear.

The Best Pick

Out of all the travel backpacks listed, you may be having a hard time picking out the best of the best. Well, it depends on where you want to go and what you want to do with it. When it comes to picking the best the backpacks have been narrowed down to three categories:

1. Everyday Use

2. Hiking and Camping

3. All Around

The best travel backpack that can be used to travel on planes, trains, and automobiles would have to the Vintage Canvas. While you can still use this backpack for hiking, it is just too pretty and stylish to get it dirty. It still offers you plenty of storage space and is a perfect alternative to using a purse.

The best hiking and camping backpack on this list is the Swiss Gear. Swiss Gear has been known for years to be constructed from the best and most rugged material. When you think of Swiss Gear you should think of Swiss army knife. You know those nifty little pocket knives that have everything you can possible need on them? Well, the Swiss Gear backpack is the Swiss Army Knife for backpacks.

Finally, the best travel backpack that can be used for all occasions whether you want to camp, travel, sleep over, go to school or whatever would be the Outdoor Master. While this backpack offers you the space you need to store your gear, it is also light enough to use for work or school. Plus it comes in several different colors which keep it stylish.

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