10 Best Hiking Boots For Dogs5 min read

By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

If you have a dog, then you know it’s not just a dog.

They are our family, right? So if you are taking your dog out for a hike with you then you surely should consider getting them hiking boots.

Just the way your hiking boots protect your feet, the hiking boots for dogs will protect theirs.

However, if you feel that the hiking boots for dogs you see are all about fashion and nothing about protection, you are wrong.

I used to think and feel the same way, though.

My dog had to suffer quite a few injuries because of sharp rocks and the heat of asphalts.

It’s heartbreaking to see them bleed but I never knew dog boots existed.

The first time I saw some dog boots being advertised, I was skeptic.

I doubted their efficiency and I also seriously doubted if my dog would find it comfortable.

But, I remembered the times my dog’s feet got hurt because of cold, damp, snow, ice or whatever terrain I take him along.

On top of that, bandages and medications had to be put more often because he would lick it off most of the times.

That was when I decided to give the boots a try.

I bought it for him, he was quite uncomfortable initially and also tried to slip it off.

But now he has gotten used to it, and thanks to the boots his soft paws are safe and sound.

Well, there’s a choice for you too.

You can either take your dog hiking without the boots and let it endure all the pain and cut in the difficult terrain or get a pair of these ten best hiking boots that’ll make it an adventure for your dog too.

Are Hiking Boots Necessary For Dogs?


Your dog can be fussy about the boots at first.

But nevertheless, you should never compromise on their comfortability.

The higher the comfort level of the boots, the happier your dog will be.

So before finalizing the boot, you should see if it fits right on you dog’s paws.

Similarly, the boot should also have good breathability in case you’re up for long and sweaty hikes.

Tight boots can obstruct your dog’s blood flow causing pain.

Thick Sole

As I’ve already discussed, dogs aren’t used to wearing any kind of boots.

It can be hard for them to even stand upright the first time they wear boots.

So having a thick sole will help your dog withstand more pressure.

Even while you’re in rough terrains, thick sole will protect your dog’s paws from injuries and damages.

Velcro Closure

All things aside, when it comes down to wearing boots, taking them on and off is the biggest challenge.

Putting on boots on your dog’s feet is as difficult as getting your children wear shoes (if you have any).

Your dog will surely resist and struggle not to wear the boots.

Sometimes in the process you or your dog might also get hurt.

So you need to be extra careful about that.

Thus for easy putting on and off of the boots, you can choose the boots with good Velcro closure.

It will provide ease in routinely putting the shoes on and off your dog’s paws without much hassle.

Dog Breed

If you have a dog, then I should say no more.

You already know that not all the dog paws are same.

So you need to consider the size before getting your dog hiking boots.

It must fit them right, so that they won’t slip off.

It must not be too tight too.

Also if your dog is a good swimmer, then s/he’ll have some webbing on their feet because of which normal boots might not fit.

So in that case you can talk to a veterinarian and seek suggestion about what kind of boots won’t hurt your dog and can withstand longer.


Any kind of comfortable boots can work well if you’re taking your dog for a day hike in a dry route.

But if you’re exploring a new trail, then you might want to get your dog waterproof boots.

They will keep your dog’s feet dry and warm.

It will also avoid damp and moisture, which might expose your dog’s paws to infections.

Similarly if there are any cut or scrapes, water will further deteriorate the situation.

Thus getting your dog waterproof boots can save you a lot of trouble.


Getting the perfect size of boots may seem next to impossible, but there are simple steps by which you can determine your dogs paw size.

Then you can buy the boots accordingly.

The steps are

  • Place the paw on a piece of paper and press down on the top, mimicking how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.
  • Mark the left and right sides on the paper and measure the distance between the marks.
  • Compare this to the boot sizes.

    The width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size.

  • The boot should fit snugly but also should provide ample room for the foot to spread.
  • Conclusion

    Getting down to the final verdict, your utmost priority must be the level of comfortability the boots will provide.

    Since your dog isn’t used to having something attached to their feet, you need to be careful in finding the perfect fit on which s/he can easily adapt and feel comfortable.

    You should make sure that the product you choose for your buddy fits his/her paws exactly, so that s/he won’t be able to pull it off or have problems in their blood flow.

    You should also consider the fact that dogs perspire through their pads and if you are going to a hike in a hot weather, take breaks and give them time to relax and prevent overheating.

    Don’t leave the hiking boots on for long hours.

    Let their paws breathe at regular intervals.

    So the final decision is still on you.

    Well now that you have enough information you can select what is right for your buddy.

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