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By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

Who does not want to run away from this hectic life and get lost in the wilderness of nature? Of course, all of us are ever so enthusiastic when it comes to going on adventures.

But sometimes, these adventures turn into nightmare for us.

And these “sometimes” are those times when we neglect taking good hiking gears with us.

Hiking requires a great deal of walking.

To be able to walk for a prolonged period of time without getting strains, wounds and blisters mean that you wear a good quality hiking boot which will you provide you with ample ankle and arch support.

And that is just what I have brought today for you ladies! You may also like: 10 Best Hiking Boots for Women Today I will serve you ladies with reviews of the 10 best hiking boots with ankle support so that you can go on adventures without compromising on comfort, protection, and support.

Why Are Hiking Boots With Ankle Support Important?

There is quite simple an answer to the question “Why are hiking boots with ankle support important?” Hiking boots with ankle support will provide better security, protection, and assistance to not only your feet but your overall body.

This will help you cover a long distance without getting tired or injured.

So the fun of hikes gets amplified.

Not only that but hiking boots with ankle support generally also provide arch support- which is another must requirement for hikes.

Talking about hiking boots in general, they are much sturdier compared to normal boots as they have been made to face the harsh climatic conditions and rough topography.

Hiking boots have added padding for comfort and come along with thick and gripping outsoles.

Another great feature of hiking boots is that they are generally waterproof or at least water resistant.

Hiking boots are stylish and versatile.

So, you can replace your normal everyday shoes with hiking boots and you are good to go.

Hiking shoes are durable and a good pair will last you many years with proper care.

How To Choose Hiking Boots With Ankle Support?

Now, of course, the first thing you will look for while buying hiking boots with ankle support is the ankle support; but only if that were enough.

While buying hiking boots, you do not want to purchase a pair which is just concentrated towards providing protection and support to the ankle.

You want to buy a complete package which has got the best of all the worlds.

So, you want to check the hiking boots for the following features:

Arch And Ankle Support

As the self-explanatory title of this article, the first feature you want to pay attention to is the ankle and arch support which is provided by the hiking boots.

Generally, hiking boots which have a higher shaft provide more support to the ankle.

The protection will be more as well because the high shaft will ensure that your legs are well shielded.

Hence the chances of injuries will be less.

You should always check that the shaft measurement of the boots is at least 4 inches from the arch or more.

This will ensure comfort, support and protection during long hikes.


You should buy hiking boots which are made from top quality materials.

Hiking boots are generally made up of either leather, synthetic or rubber, or hybrids of either of these three.

Leather boots are stronger and durable; synthetic boots are more waterproof, comfortable and inexpensive whereas the rubber boots are most waterproof, comfortable and long lasting.

Hiking boots’ materials must be robust and sturdy so that they will be able to face harsh climatic conditions.

It is always a good idea to purchase hiking boots which have either water resistant or waterproof materials.

The material of the hiking boots must also be breathable and flexible.

Warmth And Comfort

The next very important features you want to check are the comfort and warmth provided by the boots.

Boots with gusseted tongue will help to provide extra warmth during winter by keeping the snow out.

Similarly, if you are in search of hiking boots for cold climatic conditions, ensure that the material and sole of the boots are thick.

The hiking boots must be cozy.

You must be able to walk in them for a long period of time comfortably, without feeling tired, getting blisters or being hurt.

Hiking boots with extra cushioning on the footbed, more padding or EVA technology have added comfort.

The boots should also have a secure and snug fit.

Else, you will never be able to walk easily in them.

Therefore, it is vital to confirm that the lacing of the boots are secured if you want a comfortable pair of hiking boots.

Boot Parts

The insole and outsole of boots also play important parts for hiking boots.

The outer soles are generally made up of rubber or synthetic materials.

The outer sole needs to have good grip and traction.

The hiking boots need to have thick outsoles with detailed treads.

This will ensure stronger grip, balance and stability.

Also, there will be lesser chances of slipping and sliding.

The insoles of the hiking boots must have optimum cushioning and padding for extra protection and comfort.

The insoles must not be too hard but rather supple.

Other Features

It is good to buy lightweight boots as thy will not tire you during long hikes.

You can check for some extra features in the hiking boots such as design, style, versatility, snug fit, Ghillie lacing system, EVA midsole and so on.

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