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By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

When it comes to travelling and hiking, comfort is the key.

Though we pay attention to our backpacks, sleeping bags and other gears to make sure they are comfortable enough, many of the times we tend to forget about the underwear.

We forget- or in some cases even ignore- the fact that these miniature pieces of clothing need to be comfortable and suitable as well.

Wearing normal cotton underwear during long hikes and travels causes the private area to get clammy and constricted.

This causes chaffing and even rashes.

Those who have had to undergo this situation know very well that it is not a pleasant experience to have.

Therefore, to ensure that our travelling experiences are not ruined by unsuitable underwear, many companies such as Icebreaker and Helly Hanson have premium underwears available in the market which have been specifically designed to be worn while hiking or trekking.

Here are ten best hiking underwear to choose from.

Why Is Hiking Underwear Important?

The hiking underwear are so much better than your normal underwear.

Because these are exclusively designed for treks, hikes and long travels, they dry super fast and easy.

With premium hiking underwear, you can wear your underwear without having to wash them every day.

The fabrics which are used in these underwears are antimicrobial.

Hence, they have natural anti-odor properties.

Because of the aforementioned qualities of drying super fast, and being odor resistant and antimicrobial, you can carry only a pair of hiking underwear and travel as far and wide as you desire.

This saves on much of the space on your backpack.

And if this was not enough, hiking underwears are extremely lightweight and compact, and pile up easily without taking up much space.

But the goodness of these beauties does not end here.

Hiking underwears do not get clammy or hold in sweats like normal underwears.

They allow more air circulation and keep the region airy and fresh at all times.

Your delicates will not get smashed down or cluttered while wearing these premium underwears even if you have been hiking for a long period of time.

As a result, you are very less likely to get rashes or chaffing.

Moreover, who said you must wear hiking underwears only whilst hiking or travelling? You can very well wear the hiking underwears when at home.

After all, these are comfortable and relaxing and can be worn anywhere and at anytime.

This way, you will not have to buy a different pair of hiking underwears for travels and a different pair of normal cotton undies for ordinary usage.

You can substitute hiking underwears for everyday usage easily.

So you may now go ahead and toss your normal underwear and replace them with hiking underwear.

How To Choose Hiking Underwear?

Choosing hiking underwear is fairly easy.

You just have to keep the following factors into consideration and you are good to go.


The hiking underwear must be made out of a comfortable, breathable, light and quick-drying material.

Generally, hiking underwears come in three kinds of fabrics: Synthetic, Merino Wool and Silk.

Synthetic underwears are faster drying, soft and light.

Even though they can be worn during any season, they are best suited for rainy seasons or when the humidity is high.

The downfall of synthetic underwear is that odor can be build up if it is worn for many days and the underwear may be susceptible to staining.

Merino Wool underwear provides more warmth and thus is better for cool weather.

However, it can be worn at any time except during extremely warm days.

Merino Wool underwears are soft, breathable, antibacterial and non-itchy, and also keep you fresh at all times.

These are a little heavy on the pockets, but then again they are worth the price.

Silk underwears are best suited for temperate climates.

They are soft and light.

It is better to wash them every day.

The downfall of silk underwears is that they are vulnerable to abrasion and sunlight.

You can choose the hiking underwear made out of any of these materials, which you find to be the most suitable one for you.


The design of hiking underwear must be comfortable.

They must be lightweight and compact.

The hiking underwear meant for colder season may be a little heavy.

However, these must not be too bulky or hulking.

They also need to have flat-lock seams to prevent chaffing.


This is one of the most important characteristics of hiking underwear.

The hiking underwear must remain fresh even after many days of usage.

It needs to have antimicrobial and anti-odor properties.

Hiking underwears made out of Merino Wools are the best when it comes to being antimicrobial.


Your hiking underwear must not wear and tear easily.

They must be heavy-duty and long- lasting.

The hiking underwear are much durable compared to your normal underwear.


Last but not the least, you want to pay attention to the fit of the hiking underwear.

Choose a close fitting underwear if you are traveling or hiking in a cold area or during winter.

The tight fit will provide more warmth to you.

For warmer conditions, go for looser fitting hiking underwear which is airy and comfortable.

The roomy fit will prevent your area from getting clammy and sweaty despite the heat.

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