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By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

Hiking during winter is easier said than done and your worst enemy during this time is the cold.

As all of you know, there is nothing worse than freezing feet, so having a reliable pair of hiking socks can make an uncomfortable hike an enjoyable one.

In this article, I tell you a little about my 5 favorite pairs of hiking socks.

Let’s go!

The Shortlist My Favorite Winter Hiking Socks

Winter Hiking Socks Best Feature My Grade
SmartWool Men's PDH Sock Seamless toe, machine washable, I wear these socks when hiking and just around the house. A 🏅
Sealskinz Mid Length Waterproof A-
Sealskinz Mountain Biking Mid Sock Breathable, waterproof, and made with Merino wool B
Falke Socks Can be worn in summer and winter B+
Hiking Outdoor Socks Great value B

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Do We Need Winter Hiking Socks?

We all have heard that little things have a huge impact on any event.

The miniature piece of clothing that goes on your feet will have a big role to play in any expedition you go on.

The socks you wear actually can be the reason for your trip to be either good or bad.

If you are wearing a normal cotton sock during a winter hike, chances are that your feet will go cold and numb because of the draftiness.

As a result, you will not be able to function properly as your whole concentration will be on your feet.

And also, there is the high probability of feeling paining sensations in the legs because of the cold.

On the other hand, a good quality winter hiking sock will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable as well as prevent blisters.

This will enhance your efficiency and you will be able to hike without any complicatedness.

Even though winter hiking socks are a little heavy on the pockets, trust me when I say that they are worth the purchase.

You see, you do not want to buy a sock because it is cheap or stylish but rather because it is functional, useful and effective.

Winter hiking socks are durable.

They can be worn while at home as well.

My feet are one of the areas of my body in which I feel the coldest.

So I wear these winter hiking socks even while relaxing at home and let me tell you, these are just so great.

So even if winter hiking socks are costly, invest in them because these little babies will save your entire trip compared to the cheap socks which not only cause you pain but also will cost you your whole trek.

How To Choose A Winter Hiking Sock?

Choosing a winter hiking sock is fairly easy when you know what to look for.

Pay attention to the following factors and you are good to go.

1. Material

While purchasing a winter hiking sock, say no to cotton and silk socks as they will not be able to protect your feet against the harsh cold.

Your best options here are the synthetic socks and Merino Wool socks.

Merino Wool socks are by far the best choice for winter hiking.

They are lightweight, thick and warm, antibacterial, moisture wicking, odor resistant, comfortable and durable.

They also do not cause blisters.

Synthetic socks are not much antimicrobial or odor resistant compared to Merino Wool socks but these dry super fast.

If you want the goodness of both these materials, you can opt for the socks made by combing these two fabrics.

2. Warmth

One of the first features you want look for in winter hiking sock is if it provides you with the required amount of warmth.

Warmth provided by the sock largely depends on the material it is made up from.

Merino Wool socks will provide more warmth compared to synthetic socks.

The thickness of the sock will also define its warmth.

Even though thicker socks will be warmer, make sure to check that these socks feet inside your boot with ease, before making a purchase.

Also, a tight-fitting and high length sock will be warmer than a loose-fitting and short length sock.

So choose the sock which will provide you with the required quantity of heat.

3. Comfort

Your hiking sock must be breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking; extra points if it provides temperature regulation.

You may also search for socks with added padding for additional comfort.

4. Durability

Your winter hiking sock must be durable.

So choose a sock made out of high quality fiber.

Go for a properly stitched sock.

You may also look for a sock with flat lock seams for greater durability.

5. Other Features

Apart from the aforementioned major features, you can go for a sock which has features of being antibacterial, anti-odor, stylish, fast drying, moisture wicking and so on.

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