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Top 10 Best Backpacking Hammocks

This year when you are out and about exploring the great unknown you might want to think about getting yourself one of the best backpacking hammocks.

After all, hammocks are lightweight and easy to assemble.

They are great for a weekend camping trip where you can just stretch out under the stars instead of lugging around a tent.

Even if you aren’t going camping, hammocks are great to bring with you. They are so versatile where you can tie them up and relax once you get to your favorite destination.

You don’t want to be the guy that is stuck sleeping on the ground. Hammocks make a great bed for lazy afternoons or for long explorations.

Of course, you could just tie one up in your backyard and pretend to be out in the wild if you want to do that too.

Best Backpacking Hammocks in 2018

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpacking Hammock

Although you might be geared up and ready to go on your next adventure now that the weather is tolerable, you shouldn’t go out and buy the first hammock that you see.

There are certain criteria that need to be looked at before making that purchase. Some of the things you need to look at are:

  • What type of hammock are you going to need?
  • Is comfort something that is important to you?
  • Do you want a hammock that is lightweight or something that is rugged where you can take it anywhere?
  • What kind of material do you prefer? Hammocks come in a variety of materials that can either make you incredibly comfortable or itchy.
  • Are you looking for a hammock that you can use in your backyard or something that can be tied to trees in the wilderness? The strength and versatility of the hammock are important aspects to pay attention to.
  • Of course, there is also the cost. Does your pocketbook allow you to splurge on a high-end hammock? Or are you looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank?
  • How many people are planning to fit into the hammock? The size and dimension of the hammock also need to be considered before you make your purchase.
  • Most importantly what kind of straps are you going to be using with the hammock. Without decent straps, you may end up on the ground with a useless sheet that once was a hammock.

All these points are important to go over before you make your final decision. How you use your hammock makes a world of difference as to which hammock you should buy.

Different Types of Hammocks:

When it comes to picking out a hammock you should know that there are three basic types of hammocks. The one you pick out for your trip should be carefully chosen. The last thing you want is to get a flimsy hammock or one that is bigger than what you need. That is why before you consider getting a hammock you should think about how you want to use it.

If you are planning a weekend trip in the backcountry the “Parachute Nylon Hammocks” are the most comfortable hammock you will find.

The parachute hammocks are resistant and reliable. You will find that they are a bit bigger than the other types of hammocks and that they will keep you snug around your body. You will find that the Parachute Nylon Hammock, like the other hammocks on this list, come in single or double size.

Maybe you are just planning a quick trip out to your favorite lake or scenic point and just want something to kick your feet up and relax in. The “Ultralight” variety hammock is what you need. They are as their name states light weight.

What is important to know about the lightweight variety is that you are making a sacrifice of comfort for weight. While these are super easy to load up and take with you, they won’t be as comfortable as the Parachute Nylon Hammocks.

Now if you are an avid explorer and take to the backcountry for days at a time, then you should consider looking at the “Expedition Hammocks.” These hammocks are constructed with high-end materials that are rugged and made to last.

You will find that the Expedition variety of hammocks offer the most protection against the elements and come with all sorts of accessories.


When you start shopping around you will notice that the major of the hammocks on the market today come in two materials. You will find ones that are constructed out of cotton and those that are made of nylon.

But comfort isn’t just about the material used. It also has to do with the suspension system your hammock offers, the weight capacity and the protection your hammock provides.

The Materials

The ones that are made from cotton are by far an eye catcher. You will find that the hammocks that are made of cotton tend to be pretty and more detailed when it comes to the pattern of the hammock.

However, the cotton variety tends to weight more. It is also good to know that hammocks made from cotton will soak up water if it rains making them very bulky and heavy to trek back.

Cotton hammocks are great if you are just going out for the day and expect sunshine. They feel like you are resting on a sheet and provide the comfort you may expect when you think of resting on a lazy day in your backyard. This is by the way, where the cotton hammocks should stay. They do not make for camping alternatives.

Then you have the nylon hammocks. You will find that these are usually super lightweight and are perfect for the great outdoors. If it rains, no problem the hammock is easy to dry since it repels water and won’t get bogged down.

You could still use the nylon hammock in your backyard, but they were made to go beyond the trail. When picking a hammock for hiking always go with a nylon hammock.

Now there are some hammocks on the market that are constructed out of wood or tree fibers. You won’t find them nearly as comfortable as nylon or cotton, but you can find them.

Suspension System

You will find that there are different suspension systems for different hammocks. You many even notice that some hammocks don’t even come with anything at all. It is always important to know that you have everything you need to get your hammock up off the ground before you head out.

Most systems consist of straps and carabiners. A bit of advice, the longer the straps you can get for your hammock, the better. You also want to make sure that it has plenty of attachment points so that you can work around trees and keep your hammock off the ground.

The straps you use to keep your hammock up off the ground will either make or break your experience. The straps should be able to provide strength that will support your body and a pad should you wish to use one with your hammock. The last thing you want is to get into your hammock and have it collapse on you.

The suspension system is very important. So much so that if you have to, you should by the straps and carabiners separately to ensure you are getting the best quality of comfort for your adventure.


When it comes to comfort weight plays a big role. You want to make sure that you find a hammock that will not weight you down when hiking out to your favorite spot.

You may think nothing of it initially, but when you are trekking through the woods uphill you will definitely start to feel the extra weight on your back and shoulders.

Another thing you need to realize about weight is how much your hammock can hold. You don’t want to underestimate its weight capacity and end up injuring yourself due to falls in the middle of the night.

You want to make sure that you get a hammock that will hold you and your partner if you are getting a double occupancy hammock.


The last thing you want to look for when it comes to comfort is the protection your hammock will provide you against the elements.

The elements aren’t just the wind and rain, but the critters that creep at night to the pesky mosquitos that seem to come out at all hours of the day.

If you are headed into the backcountry you need to think about the protection you will need for a comfortable night’s rest. There are hammocks that offer a mosquito net to keep the bugs out while you enjoy the summer night in peace.

10 Best Backpacking Hammocks (Reviews)

With so many different hammocks on the market today, which ones stack up to be the best of the best? Here are the top 10 backpacking hammocks you will find.

1. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Dimensions: 78’W x 118″ L

Going camping with two people and don’t want to bring a traditional tent and sleeping bag? No problem. The Winner Outfitter Double camping hammock nylon hammock is for you.

This hammock will hold up to 500 pounds and easily fits two people. Why drag around extra weight when you can stuff this hammock and all its gear into your sack.

The best part is, the Winner Outfitter Double Camping hammock only weighs 1.5 pounds and comes with everything you need to get set up within minutes.

The Winner comes with its own suspension system. The only downside with the Winner is the lack of protection this parachute hammock provides.

Sure, you will be able to rest comfortably with the hammock wrapping around you, but the lack of a mosquito net could cause you problems in the dead of night.

This hammock is offered in a variety of colors and comes with everything you need to keep you off the ground.

Features I like:

  • Fits two people
  • Suspension system
  • Wide range of colors

2. Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

While the Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock may look like a parachute hammock it is far from it.

Although don’t be fooled, you will still feel snug and comfortable within this hammock for all your extended camping and hiking trips.

The Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock is construction from 210 ripstop nylon that is light, durable and ready to go where ever you want to venture to.

This hammock offers you the perfect suspension system along with a mosquito net to keep all the pests off of you while you relax in comfort and tranquility.

You will find that the Bear Butt comes in at only 16.7 ounces making it super lightweight and easy to trek around to all your favorite spots.

The hammock when fully compressed is about the size of a grapefruit making it one of the best hammocks for hiking you will find on the market today.

If you are looking for a hammock that won’t weigh you down on your long journeys and will easily fit into your sack, then this is the hammock for you.

It may only be a single capacity hammock that accommodates 400 pounds, but it will wrap you up and give you a great night sleep so you can hit the trail again the next day refreshed and ready to go.

Features I like:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Flexible

3. Legit Camping

Dimensions for Package: 4.7″ x 5.1″ x 8.8″

If you are looking for a versatile hammock that you can assemble in your backyard or in the backcountry, then the Legit hammock is the one you want.

You will never have to settle for second best with Legit’s 210T nylon hammock. The Legit hammock provides you with the stability you need for the long weekend trips to relaxing on lazy weekends in your backyard.

The Legit can hold up to 400 pounds and can be easily accommodated into your backpack. This parachute hammock will keep you well rest on your trip no matter where your adventure may take you or for how long.

The only downside is the lack of protection against the elements. The Legit hammock does not come standard with mosquito netting and needs to be sold separately if you want to survive the wilderness without the critters harassing you at night.

The Legit offers you everything you need from tree straps to rope and carabiners to get you off the ground and relaxing in the trees in no time.

Features I like:

  • Best for backyard
  • Highly Stable
  • Well designed

4. Honest Outfitters Single and Double

Dimensions: 78″W x 118″L

Honest Outfitters offers you comfort and style with over five colors to choose from. When you go out into the wilderness you want comfort, stability, and convenience all rolled into one.

That is what the Honest Outfitters provides with its parachute nylon hammock.

You will be able to easily set this two person hammock up and enjoy your time together as it comes with all the accessories you need to have your site set up within minutes.

Why lug around camping tent and sleeping bag when you can pack this 1.5-pound hammock into your sack and head out?

The Honest Outfitter also comes in a single fitting hammock in case your partner wants their own space. Either way, you will be able to rest well within this breathable and mildew resistant hammock.

The only downside is that Honest Outfitters doesn’t offer you any protection against the elements. The package contains ropes, straps, and carabiners to keep you off the ground, but then you are in the direct path of mosquitos.

To truly get a good night sleep with this hammock you will need to invest in a netting of some kind to keep the bugs off of you during the night.

Features I like:

  • Quick Set-up
  • Fits two people
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Well designed

5. Rocky Peak Ultralight Hammock

Dimensions: 8’5” L x 4’ 5” W

You don’t have to go out into the wilderness and leave your sense of fashion behind. The Rocky Peak Ultralight Hammock offers a variety of colors for you to choose from.

But don’t think that just because it is pretty it won’t hold up to the great outdoors. The Rocky Peak is constructed from 210T nylon fabric with triple-stitched seams.

Plus it is tear resistant and can hold up to 400 pounds.

When you want a hammock that is super small and ready to go when you are, you need to grab your Rocky Peak hammock. You can stuff this 13oz hammock into your sack and hit the trail without it bogging you down on long journeys.

Plus it comes with everything you need so you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet for straps, rope, and carabiners.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have a mosquito net to protect you from the elements or bugs. If you truly want to be snug in your hammock at night you will need to get something to cover yourself and protect you from the critters.

Features I like:

  • Tear Resistant
  • All-in-one package
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Variety of colors

6. GoRoam Outdoors Hammock with Mosquito Net

Dimensions: 9.2’L x 4′ W

When it is time to go, then it is time to go. The GoRoam Outdoor hammock is one of the best hammocks you will find on the market today.

You won’t sacrifice comfort with the GoRoam hammock that comes standard with mosquito netting. Rest comfortably day or night knowing you are in a snug and sturdy environment.

The GoRoam is constructed from only the best material. You will find that the 210T nylon triple interlocking stitching will keep you cool during the hot summer nights. And should it rain, your hammock will dry quickly and is mildew resistant.

Don’t leave home without your GoRoam hammock that will accommodate up to 500 pounds. Shove this nifty hammock into your sack and hit the trails with everything you need for your adventure.

You won’t have to worry about finding straps, carabiners, and rope as it is all included.

GoRoam Outdoors Hammock with Mosquito net includes a stuff sack, 2 HUG tree straps, 2 steel carabiners with nautical grade rope and 2 Guy ropes to accommodate the mosquito net.

Plus, you will get an instruction manual that shows you the most efficient way to set up your hammock for the best comfort you can get when you are out camping.

Features I like:

  • Comfortable
  • Mosquito Net
  • Accommodates upto 500 lbs
  • Best Material Design

7. Wise Owl Outfitters

Dimensions: Single Person Hammock -9’L x 4.5′ W; Two Person 10′ L x 6.5′ W

Stop searching for a reliable and sturdy hammock. The Wise Owl Outfitters is the hammock you can’t pass up.

The Wise Owl is made for backpacking. Constructed from parachute nylon, you will be able to easily through this hammock into your sack and hit the trails and backcountry. The Wise Owl won’t bog you down like other hammocks that are made with cotton.

Nor will you have to give up your sense of style with as many color schemes that are available. You will be able to sleep like a baby in this comfortable and soft hammock that will keep you dry and cool during the hot summer nights.

When the Wise Owl says that it is lightweight, they mean it as this hammock comes in at only 16oz and folds down to the size of a grapefruit. You can pick from single or double and keep the tents and sleeping bags at home.

The Wise Owl comes with everything you need to get yourself set up in no time. You will get the ropes, carabiners and tree straps all included it is ready to go when you are.

Features I like:

  • Parachute Nylon material
  • Small size for backpacking
  • Relatively lightweight
  • All-in-one package

8. Rusee Hammock with Mosquito Net

Dimensions: 240cm L x 120cm W

Versatile and easy to set up the Rusee Hammock will is your best bet for comfort, style, durability, and weight. The Rusee is made for a single person and can hold up to 330 pounds.

This hammock offers a unique mosquito net that surrounds the whole hammock keeping out all sorts of creepy crawlers and fly insects.

You will find that the parachute nylon fabric is soft and mildew resistant making it perfect for camping to lazy days in your backyard.

Plus, if you don’t want to use the mosquito net that is fully attached to the hammock, you can simply flip the hammock over and use it as a traditional hammock and enjoy the sunshine.

When you are substituting a tent and sleeping bag for a hammock you are really embracing the great outdoors.

And since this hammock only weighs 1.4 pounds, bringing it with you instead of a traditional tent makes a world of difference on your lower back and shoulders trekking it through the woods.

Features I like:

  • Comfortable
  • Soft Nylon Fabric material
  • Removable Mosquito Net

9. Sportneer Hammock

Dimensions: 110″ L x 59″ W

Stay cool and protected with the Sportneer single hammock. You will find that this parachute hammock is super strong and durable capable of holding up to 500 pounds.

The nasty pests of the deep woods wouldn’t be bothering you at night as the mosquito net is secure to the hammock by triple stitch seam and a zipper.

Unlike other hammocks on his list, the Sportneer hammock is super easy to set up and comes with two tree straps and two carabiners. You really won’t find a more spacious design than the Sportneer.

However, the Sportneer is a bit on the heavy side. You will find that the extra 2.4 pounds can start to drag on you during long hikes. However, when compared to a traditional tent and sleeping bag the 2.4 pounds really isn’t so bad.

When it comes to camping and comfort you will find that the Sportneer will keep you well rest on long excursions or quick get-a-ways.

Rest at ease knowing that everything you need to get your hammock up and off the ground is included so you don’t have to waste time scouring the web for the perfect ropes and accessories.

Features I like:

  • Quick and easy Set-up
  • Holds upto 500 lbs
  • Mosquito net included

10. Adventure Gear

Dimensions: 9’5″ L x 4’7″ W

The Adventure Gear will provide you with the maximum comfort. The first thing you will notice is how this hammock offers you the protection of an elastic mosquito net to cover you at night when you are hiking off the beaten trail.

It comes with everything you need to make your camping trip the best it can be with a full suspension system ready to lock onto trees and keep you off the ground all night long.

The suspension system consists of carabiners which can hold up to 770 pounds and tree straps that will hold 500 pounds. This parachute nylon hammock can hold a single person up to 400 pounds.

The downside to this amazing multi-use hammock is that it weighs 1.7 pounds. It is not lightweight for trekking through the woods.

However, with all the bells and whistles that come standard with it, you won’t find another hammock more reliable and sturdy as the Adventure Gear with its triple stitching seams and 210 rip stop nylon.

Features I like:

  • Great comfort
  • Elastic mosquito net
  • Reliable strength

The Verdict:

Hammocks are a great alternative to traditional tents and sleeping bags. When you are going out hiking and camping for extended periods of time your back can get pretty sore sleeping on the ground all the time.

Plus you never know what could end up crawling in bed with you.

Hammocks take away the stress and uncertainty of sleeping outdoors and are truly a one of a kind experience.

So no matter if you are looking for a hammock to go hiking with and want to ditch the tent or something to relax in and take in the view the best hammock you can get is the Legit Hammock.

The Legit won’t fail you no matter the weather or adventure. It is super easy to set up and incredibly soft. It feels like you are at home and snuggled in your sheets.

Know which hammock you chose, always make sure that you have the proper accessories. The last thing you want to do is get up on the mountain and find you don’t have the proper suspension system.

Happy hiking!


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