Up Your Hiking Game

As you know, finding the best hiking gear takes some work. For years, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have asked me for recommendations about how to prepare for hiking and camping trips.

Hikers on Run is my way of sharing that knowledge with more people, faster and simpler. Plus, if you ever want a custom recommendation, just email me


Why You Should Follow Hikers on Run

Beyond gear reviews, I am constantly are on the look out for awesome causes related to hiking and the outdoors. We let you know about great Kickstarters, Gofundmes, and other campaigns for the outdoors, endangered wild life, and other causes you care about.

Last, we keep you up to speed on cool adventure content, including hiking guides, recommendations, and other cool content for planning your next hike.

In short,

• Learn about the best gear
• Learn about the best causes
• Learn about the best adventure content

For example,

• The Best Kickstarters for Outdoor Gear
• Finding the Best Camping Tents
• The Best 14ers in Colorado

How To Use The Site

You can find our top content on our home page and our newest content at the top of our blog. I usually publish articles once or twice a week – depending on how busy the rest of my life is.

The Shortlists

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Awesome Causes

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Adventure Content

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