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10 Best Hiking Boots for Men

It is our feet that does all the heavy work in our hiking adventures. So, it only seems fair when we make a long thought decision about the best hiking boots before taking a long hike.

As an avid hiker, I want a nice pair of hiking boots that keeps my feet dry, mobile and comfy. The usual wet and soggy trainers are definitely not up to the mark in taking over the rigorous routes.

The nature presents all the difficulties in the hike course to quench our thirst for thrill. Steep inclines, muddy narrow passes, occasional streams are bound to bring you down after a while if you do not have the right accessories. Hiking boots prove to be a boon when they make our hikes comfortable, flexible and safe, health wise.

It all comes down to one decision on whether you want to inflict unnecessary pain upon yourselves by taking a normal shoes or select from these ten best hiking boots for men and live every moment of your adventure.

Best Hiking Boots for Men in 2018 (Top 10)

Why do You Need Hiking Boots?

From my experience, I can say that hiking boots are the most important items to consider in organizing a proper hiking gear. The quality and durability of hiking boots determine the ability of hiker to take on the long hours of walk without pain and injury.

Hiking boots are known to be heavier than the hiking shoes but it comes at the expense of maximum ankle protection. Conquering rough terrains will be lot more easier in these comfortable sturdy footwear.

As anyone with experience will suggest that the most basic rule of hiking is to stay away from leg injuries as it significantly bring down your ability and motivation to hike. Since newbies are even more prone to cramped muscles and twisted knees, hiking boots are a must for them.

Hiking is not a morning stroll. Besides your body, your legs have to carry heavy bagpacks filled with all the essential items. This increases the weight that fall upon our tender leg muscles. The slippery paths covered with mud will not be much of help either. So hiking boots will provide you with the grip to stay on your feet.

To sum up, hiking boots is a must have footwear in any hikes to prevent injury and increase comfort. Even a minor thing like a blister or sore foot will dampen your adventure experience so get an appropriate pair of hiking boots and complete your journey with a smile on your face all along the route.

How to Choose Hiking Boots?

The selection of a suitable pair of hiking boots as discussed earlier is very essential part of the entire journey. The place that we are hoping to visit has a significant say in arriving at the decision.

The quality and durability of the footwear determines the outcome of your hiking adventure. The feet and heels of the hiker has to be protected to all the time.

Several factors have to be taken into consideration before setting a perfect match between your legs, adventure and hiking boots.

Material and Design

The pairs that come in leather are expensive and heavy but extremely durable. But the textile ones are light and relatively cheaper.

From the usability point of view, I love the leather ones because they are easy to repair with some glue and stitches. Textile boots also bear some wear and tear but generally are not repairable.

So if you are a frequent hiker who loves adventure, you should optfor leather boots to help you gathera lot of incredible experiences. On the other hand, if you are just want to try your hand at hiking, a textile pair is good enough.

These days, most hiking boots are made up of the material that are mixture of leather and textile. Price wise they are average so you could get those too.

Intended Use

The journey or route that you are taking for your hike plays an important part in selecting a proper footwear. What is the weather like? Rainy? Swampy or dry? Maybe some snow.

For a well-kept trail, you would prefer low or mid-cut hiking boots. They come with enough space to allow your feet to breathe making the hike cool and comfy. It also provides the stability and protection against protruding surfaces on rocky destinations.

In places where rain is likely, it is better to have boots with GoreTex feature for better traction. To avoid wet socks and thus uneasy and disgusting feeling at the feet, it would be wise to have something that keeps your warm and dry.

If the destination promises rough terrain, I recommend the ones that can bear rigorous and changing weather conditions. Higher-cut boots with stiff soles will give you the required ankle support and protection on rocky trails.

All in all, you should pick a pair that is well ventilated, can withstand shocks and durable.

Your Hiking Skills and Experience

Are you an experienced hiker? How long have you hiked before? Is your body conditioned enough to be pushed to the limits?

Well, if you have gathered some hiking experience in the past then you can go with light weight boots as they will allow better movement and comfort.

But if you are new to hiking, you will want to be on the safe side and get heavier boots. These boots will provide you with ample ankle protection without putting much pressure on your feet. It comes with the stability and insulation for support and protection.


Nobody wants to walk with wet socks and shoes let alone hike all day.

Wet shoes add weight to your feet and make your hike very difficult and uncomfortable. It also serves as welcome party to the disgusting smell and painful blisters.

So it would be better to have the boots with GoreTex feature so that there is outlet for perspiration resulting in warm and relaxed legs. 


What an aspiring hiker should keep in mind is that the legs should feel the least of pressure at all times. Hiking boot with larger arch will help you achieve this. As they say, a well begun is half the work done so you could get orthotic insoles to go with bigger arch for comfort and foot pain relief. 

Gusseted Tongue

Believe me, nothing is as irritating as when some tiny pebbles get inside your shoes and you have to make stops to take it out. Gusseted tongue provides with the absolute defense against this problem by not letting dirt and small stones enter inside.

Comfort and Other Details

You should not let a minor detail like your footwear to dampen your entire hiking experience. So do not make any compromises with regards to the comfortability in making the decision.

Though the hiking boots are designed to be convenient not every pair is a perfect match for all kinds of environment.

As an adventure enthusiast, I make sure that I take a careful examination of my gears before I set out for the journey. So check if the boots have ample padding. Find out if the laces have worn out or if the soles have lost its grip.

Stiff soles do provide protection against the irregular surfaces but you need to make sure that the tongue is well padded to attain the desired balance thus allowing stability. The ankle support of the shoes determines whether you get a sprain as you make uphill and downhill walks.

As discussed earlier, newbies are more vulnerable to leg injuries as their muscle are not yet accustomed to rugged paths. Stiff soles are more likely to break which in turn causes excruciatingly painful blisters. Hence, they have to ensure that their legs and heels are well protected by the kind of shoes they select.

Nature comes with so many uncertainties so we can only hope that our preparation is enough. Having said that, I recommend that you pick up the boots that are sturdy, that can handle the changing weather conditions, are comfortable and light besides being made up of material that dries faster after getting wet or washed.

The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Men

Quality hiking boots are offered under different brand names and even under those names are several ranges varying on designs and specifications. Timberland, Vasque, Columbia, North Face and Salomon are some of the popular manufacturers.

In order to get to a perfect buying decision, you have to match your budget with the trail requirements. You do not want to spend less and have worst hiking experience nor do you want to go on an unnecessary spending spree.

Keeping these things into consideration, I have come up with my list of ten best hiking boots for men. The review is based on my usage and hiking experience besides tests conducted under various environmental conditions.

1. Lowa Salomon Men’s Quest 4D Hiking Boots


Salomon is a trusted name in the world of adventure gear. Though Salomon Men’sQuest 4D might come off as a product with hefty price tag, it is my top pick because it has the best of the enhancements and features to justify the price.

Quest 4D as its name suggests comes with 4D Chassis which incorporates improvement to its previous model in terms of cushioning and padding. Therefore, it provides better comfort, protection and stability.

Yeah, you guessed it right, it boasts of the GORE-TEX waterproof feature that shapes it to be an all-mountain traction boot. The stability that these pair of boots provide with its amazing grip in its outsoles is incredible.

The entire experience of running and walking is enhanced by its ergonomic tongue. Make no mistake, Quest 4D might not have insulation but it works perfectly fine even in the snow-filled terrains. The high hiker featuring rugged lacing hardware and protective rubber toe cap ensure long term durability and safety.

Molded EVA Ortholite removable foot bed adds to the relaxation in the feet during the difficult terrains and upgraded Salomon Contagrip outsole prevents you from any fall injuries on the slippery paths.

You are likely to find the Quest 4D quite expensive but I believe it is the best product out there with the value. It can take quite a beating even in the extremes of wilderness. The boots are sturdy enough and support ankle by fixating around the shins avoiding any rolling of ankles. The bendy soles make sure that you don’t feel any sharp rocks or roots or whatever you may come across in the toughest of trails.

Features I like

  • 4D Chassis for protection and stability
  • Ergonomic tongue for comfort and relaxation
  • Rugged lace hardware
  • Upgraded Contragrip outsole
  • Innovative design with better looks and durability


2. Salomon Men’s Comet 3D Hiking Boots


Another Salomon boot designed specifically for long period of continuous use is Comet 3D. The padding that these shoes have are absolutely perfected with the use of its dynamic cushioning technology. So stability, relaxation and comfortability is guaranteed.

The GORE-TEX feature ensures that the shoes repels any liquid water from entering inside the shoes while the sweat passes out in the form of water vapor thus avoiding bad smell and dampness at the same time.

You will see that the shoes literally breathes by itself with the help of its unique abrasion-resistant lining facilitating the smooth airflow.

The protective toe covering makes you more surefooted than ever. Moreover the high cut ankle allows easy movement especially in the descent trails. The 3D chassis between the midsole and outsole maximizes stability by allowing full control of the mobility and flex. The spacious nature of the inner design takes you to the next level of comfort while walking or running.

Regular countryside visitors will love Comet 3D as it is light weight and the padded footbed drastically reduces the friction to enhance the comfort even during long distance runs.

You don’t feel any pressure from the laces because of the perfect design and placement of the gusseted tongue. Further, it makes sure that no tiny pebbles or any other trail debris enter into your shoes.

The leather material, sturdy design and Gilly Lacing System for customized fit makes it a versatile hiking boot for difficult as well as nearby countryside hike.

Features I like

  • 3D chassis controls flex for sturdy grip and stability
  • High-cut ankle for safety
  • Designed for rugged and difficult terrain
  • Gilly lace system and gusseted tongue


3. Vasque Men’s St. Elias Backpacking Boot


Reputed for designing functional and unique boots, Vasque’s St. Elias is one of the best hiking boot that you will ever find. If you are a leather guy and go to all type of terrains ranging from the driest to the swampy wetlands, you should get these pair.

St. Elias boasts of a shaft about 6” in measurement from the arch supplemented by a synthetic sole. The heel measures at 1.75” in which is quite higher than its contemporary ones ensuring maximum stability and comfort at the ankles.

Available in two different colors: Beluga and Neutral Gray, the aesthetics of the shoes are soothing to the eyes as well. The compact design allows for easy maintenance and storage.

Besides the obvious GORE-TEX feature, the shoes works on Performance Comfort Technology to ensure maximum relaxation. The TPU shank gives super solid underfoot protection while still affording the flexibility to provide for agility.

The Dual Density EVA footbed along with rightly placed tongue see for the traction while avoiding any excessive friction between the boots and the socks so the blisters are the things of the past. The weight-optimized Vibram outsole backed by several innovative footwear technologies makes St. Elias a heavy duty hiking gear.

From my own experience, I can say that the waterproofing system works well through small streams and heavy rains yet well ventilated so the shoes were never too hot on my feet.

Also I would order the boots at a half size bigger than my normal size to ensure easy wiggling of my toes at the front because the shoes tend to be narrower at the toe area. Rest will be history as you tread through your adventures.

Features I like

  • Vasque Exclusive Vibram Frontier rubber outsole
  • Leather material and synthetic sole
  • GORE-TEX water resistance construction
  • S.E Midsole with EVA Cushioning Pods
  • Ideal for versatile hikers


4. Timberland Chocurua Trail Hiking Boot

Timberland sets one of the highest standards in terms of footwear in the realms of craftsmanship, durability and safety. The Chocurua boot is the example of Timberland’s commitment to consumer satisfaction and wilderness ethos.

The boots are made up of material mixture of both leather and textile permitting the advantage of both sleek design and comfort.  The synthetic rubber sole does not let you feel a thing in the most rigorous terrain.

It is basically a mid-cut hiking boot with nubuk leather upper featuring GORE-TEX waterproof membrane for breathable protection. It can bear the shallow streams and rainy weather without leaving you with the wet socks and smelly feet.

The 400 grams Primaloft insulation and high heels permit you to take yourselves to snow as well. The flexible forefoot construction with the anti-fatigue technology offers the relaxation and pressure free experience even in through the long hours of walk.

The boots are extremely great downhill and let me remind you that not all boots are. The waterproof, lightweight and comfy pair of Chocurua are the statement for Timberland about how it still incorporates the value of every penny their customer spend.

Features I like

  • Value for money
  • GORE-TEX features
  • Fits right out of the box
  • Anti-fatigue comfort technology
  • Primaloft insulation


5. Merrell Polarand Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Polarand is like a next name to the versatility among hiking boots. I have used them in towns as well as subzero temperatures and my feet has always been safe, warm and dry.

The durability and easy to maintain features of the boots make it perfect hiking gear for wet trails, snow, heavy rain or even a countryside paths. The adjustable circumference of the shoes allows for the customized experience.

The waterproof Polarand boots dries quickly and is very easy to maintain. The traction enabled by ice grip tunes allows you to conquer the toughest of terrains.

The rubber outsole provides the durability and the nylon material on the inside permits the comfort even on continuous use. The replaceable Grade 3 insoles and shock absorbing heels enables unmatched stability on the grounds.

You will be happy to know that Polarand features M Select FRESH for maximum odor control even after hours of extensive work working on its effective ventilation system. The 400g of Thisulation sees that you bear the snow paths as well.

Since the boots are quite heavy, it will take some time for your feet to adapt but once it does it feels like breeze. You don’t have to worry about the lace hardware and the eyelets are great so yeah grab a pair and write your own adventure story.

Features I like

  • Versatile
  • M Select ICE GRIP tunes
  • ActiveHeat sole for warmth
  • Odor less technology
  • Shock absorbing heels


6. Timberland Flume Waterproof Boot

Another masterpiece from Timberland is its range of Flume Waterproof boots. It always lives up to the expectation of the long time adventurers when they use any Timberland product.

The Flume boots are waterproof and boasts of leather material while equipped with rubber soles. The padded collar adds to the comfort and agility of the hikers in the terrains.

Available in three color variants, Flume are far from being bulky and are easy on eyes as well. The gusseted tongues of the boots make it a perfect fit for any kind of destinations. The trail debris will never enter your shoes.

The ankle protection of the shoes ensure the safety of your feet besides the obvious relaxed feeling. The D-ring lacing are there to make sure that you don’t have to do them more than once on your journey.

The logo patch on the tongue contributes to the stylish and rugged look of the boots. You will feel a never before comfortable feeling at your legs due to the removable EVA footbed.

The outsoles provide for the traction and the light weight of the boot is an icing on the top for flexibility. The 1.5” heels are your protection in swampy locations and your feet won’t catch cold even in the snow.

These sturdy yet comfortable boots really hold you up for the toughest terrains. I do not think you can ask for more.

Features I like:

  • Padded collar
  • Removable EVA footbed for comfort
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rubber sole and gusseted tongue


7. Merrell Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

Another exceptional product from Merrell is its Moab Mid Boot. It is a waterproof boot made up of leather and textile, featuring cool designs and footwear technology.

The boots are great especially for the descent trails as its vibram multi-sport plus sole increases the braking power of the hiker. The ankle support of the shoes makes it a perfect fit even in the most demanding terrains.

You won’t believe at the extent to which Merrell has gone to ensure the hiker’s safety. The waterproof membrane is treated with aegis antimicrobial solution to prevent from infections.

The ortholite anatomical footbed similar to the feel of stepping on a high end cushion. Besides the comfort, it absorbs shocks that you might encounter on your walks along the untrodden paths.

I was surprised at how quickly the shoes dried after I cleaned them. Also I felt no pressure on my feet because of the mesh upper and its amazing ankle brace like support.

M Select DRY keeps out the water and M Select FRESH ensures that your legs stay odorless at all times. It sheds out the external moisture from the precipitation while allowing the moisture from physical activity to escape at the same time.

Features I like

  • Vibram Lugs
  • M Select DRY and M Select FRESH
  • Sgoch absorbing with air cushion
  • Moab Mid Waterproof
  • Light weight and durability


8. Columbia Men’s Redmond Mid Hiking Boot


The Columbia Woodburn boots are very light weight and look awesome. From my experience, I can say that there are no break-in period with these shoes as they fit right out of the box.

The construction material is both leather and synthetic and the rubber sole is perfect for safety against any penetration against irregular surfaces.

The TechLite comfort midsole is a sure and certain way to ensure comfort and relaxation. The 5” shaft and the platform of 1” is perfect for protection and stability.

The only drawback is that the shoes are not waterproof so you would not take them to wet paths. But the grip that comes with the non-marking traction is absolutely spot on.

Right after few moments with the boots, you will see that they are highly functional and value for price. The protective toe guard and easy-on hell pull are subtle additions for comfort.

Features I like

  • 2 color variants
  • Non-marking traction outer sole
  • Toe guard for safety
  • TechLite comfort


9. Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot

Timberland products always guarantee for quality, durability and functionality. The White Ledge boots are highly demanded for its comfort and water resistant features.

If you want value for your money then then these boots are the ones that you want to go for. The design of the shoes ensure better cushioning of your feet to reduce the impact of natural forces on your journey.

These versatile pairs are good enough for dry countryside or even the snowy treks. Even after the couple of years of use, if you keep up with minimum maintenance, you will find that the leather remains soft and water resistant.

You will love the wide sole that enhances the stability in the roughest of terrains while the padded collar is there to protect your ankles against sprains and rolling. The insoles are designed to be warm and dry even in wet conditions.

The light weight of the shoes will increase your agility and it feels like feather on your feet. Further the boot boats of B.S.F.P System for support and traction to help us brake, accelerate and climb with ease.

The removable dual density EVA footbed permits air circulation to keep your feet cool and dry. If you are an occasional hiker then think no further and grab these boots.

Features I like

  • Waterproof leather
  • Breathable footbed
  • Wide rubber sole and light weight
  • Multidirectional lugs for traction


10. Columbia Newton Ridge II Hiking Boots

Newton Ridge are one of the other offerings from the trusted manufacturer Columbia. The construction material is the mixture of leather and textile to form a balance between look and durability.

Targeted toward the newbie hikers, the boots offer 1.5” heels for protection against sharp rocks or roots on the paths. The mesh tongue relives the pressure from laces and add to the comfort.

You will feel so relaxed when your feet lands on Techlite cushioning midsole kept for lasting ease and agility. The traction provided by Omni-Grip outsole will not let you fall in the most slippery terrains.

The design and material of the Newton Ridge sees to it that it remains versatile in all kinds of temperature zone. Your feet will stay cool and dry even after long hours of usage.

If you are trying your hand at hiking experience and wish to visit nearby dry location, then these boots are for you at the most affordable prices.

Features I like

  • Bang for the buck
  • PU coated leather
  • Waterproof seam sealed construction
  • Omni-Grip outsole for stability


The Verdict 

Hiking boots are the most significant part of our hiking gear as we need to make sure that our leg stays strong enough to carry us through our journey. The selection of boots depend upon the user preferences and the requirement of the hike.

If you ask me, I would always go for the Salomon Men’s Quest 4D Hiking Boots. Yeah, it might be expensive but you will get return for every penny that you have spent. The footwear technology that the boots feature take you to the next level of comfort and relaxation.

All other boots on the list are good enough but they not equally good in the quality, durability and the aesthetics of Quest 4D.

However, what I like you may not like the same.

So go ahead and grab the hiking boots that meets you need. Enjoy your next adventure!

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