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10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks

When it comes to waking up early, alarms surely are the best thing you need to get. Plus, when you are traveling and don’t want to miss your flight, you always make sure to have an alarm with a loud volume that can wake you up.

Sure, it’s great to use your phone for an alarm. But there are a million things that could go wrong with that option.

That is why there are travel alarm clocks.

Top 10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks 2018

Why Get a Travel Alarm Clock?

First, you could find that the battery died sometime during the night and the alarm never went off.

Or maybe you may have forgotten to pack your phone charger and have turned it off to save battery life only to forget you need it to wake you up in the morning.

Maybe you may have even missed placed your phone and are without until you can get home. There are a million things that could go wrong when relying solely on your phone to wake up. Not to mention the different time zones that you may have gone through and your phone hasn’t had a chance to catch up to the local time. In that case, you are wind up waking up at the wrong time.

Then, of course, you could rely on getting a call from the front desk of your hotel. But even then you are leaving your fate in someone else’s hands.

Too often hotel personnel will call and the phone rings briefly and they hang up. After all, it’s not their job to wake you up. They only do the wake-up calls as a courtesy. Whether or not you actually get up is all on you. The front desk isn’t obligated to call you more than twice.

So when you don’t hear the first call or the second, you are running the risk of missing your important meeting. That is why it is so important to have a backup plan.

As the Boy Scouts motto goes, “Always be Prepared.” Which is why packing an alarm clock is such a great idea. With an alarm clock, you don’t have to rely on anyone or any technological advances to wake up. Simply set your personal clock to the time you want and sleep sound knowing you will get up on time.

Of course with an alarm clock, your phone, and the front desk all working to get your sleepy head out of bed, there is no reason for you to miss your appointment.

Things to Consider:

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing your alarm clock. You should think about:

1. The Size

Now when it comes to picking out an alarm clock for you to travel with, you don’t want something that will be bulky. The smaller the alarm clock is the better and easier it will be to pack up. Not to mention the power that the clock will need. When you get a smaller alarm clock you are looking at a smaller power source. There are even some alarm clocks that only require one battery.

2. The Type of Alarm

Another thing you need to look for is the alarm sound. You don’t want an alarm that is going to sound like birds chirping in the morning. Unless of course, that is your thing. But for the most part, when you are trying to get up you want something that will be slightly annoying to get you up out of bed.

You will find that there are some alarm clocks that grow louder and louder the longer they are left on. There is also somewhere the sound starts off bold and fades away. When you are looking for an alarm clock and testing sounds, think of it like finding the perfect ring tone. You don’t just pick any old sound you pick one that you know you will answer.

3. Snooze Capability

For some people, getting up in the morning is a real chore. That is why many clock companies have come up with the snooze option. If you are one of those people who hit the snooze six or seven times before actually getting up, then you need to find one that fits your sleeping habits.

You will find that some clocks offer varying times. Some will allow you to sleep an extra five minutes while some will allow for fifteen. When it comes to finding the right clock with the snooze option, you need to know your habit and find the perfect one for your need.

4. Light Source

There are some people who can’t stand any light source what so ever around them when they sleep. Even a small little light from a phone charger can keep them up all night. That is why when you are picking out your alarm clock, you need to make sure that the light from the clock is something you can bear.

There are some alarm clocks that offer complete blackout, while others not only have hands that are illuminated but also a switch for a night light. Each person sleeps a different way and when you are picking out your alarm clock, you need to keep in mind the light source. You should ask yourself if you want some light or if you want complete and utter darkness. Because not all alarm clocks are created equal.

5. Sound

Lastly, you want to think about the sound. No, not the sound of the alarm, the sound radiating from the clock itself. Are you the kind of person who needs dead silence? Or do you like the soft background noise of the steady ticking of the second hand? There are a lot of people that prefer no sound, and there are those that need that extra background noise. The choice, of course, is yours and how you want to fall asleep.

When it comes to picking out your clock there are a lot of things to think about. Each clock is made differently and offers different styles for different people. Maybe you want the ticking but no light. Or perhaps you want the light but no sound. Then you maybe one of those people that need the extra 20 minutes to snooze before they get up. Whichever way you sleep and whatever it takes to wake you up, there is an alarm clock suited to your needs.

Top 10 Travel Alarm Clocks (Reviews):

1. Simple to Set Pluteck Alarm Clock

The Pluteck alarm clock is a basic clock that allows you to bring a bit of home with you on the road. You will find that the easy to read hands illuminate during the night with a soft glow. You will also find that this particular clock doesn’t have that irritating ticking sound for the seconds.

Get a great night sleep and still get up on time with the Pluteck alarm clock. It is super easy to set and is powered by 1 AA battery. When it comes to space in your suitcase, you will find that this 3.25 x 3 x 1.58-inch clock can be tossed in without needing too much room.

Although the hands offer a soft glow, if you need an extra light to see, the clock comes with a built-in light. All you have to do is press the button on top and let the light shine.

As far as the alarm aspect of this clock, you will be aroused by its ascending three beeps. Each beep grows louder and louder until the clock is turned off. Like most other clocks there is also the option for snoozing that will give you an extra 5 minutes of sleep. One of the really great things about this alarm clock is the three stages of the alarm. If you need the slow and steady alarm, you can set it. Or if you are the kind of person who likes the obnoxious fast beeping to wake up to, you can get that too.

Features I Liked:

  • Snooze Button
  • Night Light
  • Soft Illumination from hands
  • Compact and small
  • Comes in white or black
  • Takes only 1 “AA” battery
  • Super quiet- Doesn’t make the ticking sound
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • 3 Stage alarm sound (Slow, Medium and Fast)


2. Marathon Travel Clock

Here we have a little bit more sophisticated travel alarm clock. Not only does it tell the time in digital easy to read format, but also displays the day of the week and month. You will really enjoy the extra feature that includes the outside temperature so you can dress appropriately.

The Marathon Travel Clock comes with a built-in stand so you can easily place it anywhere you need. Set on the nightstand next to the bed, or directly on the bed, it doesn’t matter. You won’t miss another meeting with the loud continuous alarm to wake you up. Plus you can always hit the snooze button if you want to give yourself an extra five minutes of sleep.

For those that like military time, the Marathon Travel Clock can be set to either 12 or 24-hour format. Plus for those who prefer Celsius over Fahrenheit you have the option to switch that too.

The Marathon Travel Clock was designed to be compact. When you aren’t using the alarm simply fold it up. It is powered by a single “AA” battery. The clock swivels 180 degrees allowing you to move the clock around so you can view the face no matter where you are in your room.

When it comes to staying on top of what is important in your world, the Marathon Travel Clock will go the distance.

Features I Liked:

  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • Switch from 12 to 24-hour formats
  • Digital
  • Large snooze button at the base of the alarm
  • Compact to take up less space in luggage
  • Loud alarm to get you to wake up
  • Displays Temperature, Day of Week, and Date


3. Peakeep Ultra Small

The Peakeep is a simple design alarm clock that you can see right away whether the alarm is set. This alarm clock offers a toggle that you flip up to turn on the alarm. This way you can always know whether or not the alarm is on or off.

The Peakeep displays a standard face of a clock with easy to read large numbers. The hands glow a soft light for a few moments but don’t continuously glow to give you a dark room to sleep in. However, the clock comes with a manual backlight that displays light evenly across the whole clock if you do happen to need a light.

When it comes time to wake up, the alarm has an ascending four beeps that increase in volume. The alarm will sound off in four stages getting louder and louder until the alarm is turned off. Of course, you can also hit the snooze button to give yourself five more minutes of sleep. As for power, this small 2.25 x 2.25 x 1.25-inch travel alarm clock needs one “AA” battery. You will have no issues packing this tiny alarm clock into any bag.

For those sleepers that need absolute silence to fall asleep, the Peakeep Ultra Small alarm clock doesn’t tick. You will be able to get a good night sleep without the constant and irritating background noise.

Features I Liked:

  • Doesn’t make any sound
  • Offers a backlight that can be used as a nightlight
  • Soft illuminating hands
  • Large, bold numbers for the face of the clock
  • Alarm toggle to be certain alarm is on
  • Super small and compact
  • Extremely lightweight coming in at 2 ounces
  • Loud obnoxious alarm to get you up
  • Easy located snooze button
  • Hands don’t remain light all night


4. Travelwey Digital

The Travelwey offers you a simple and easy to read display that can be illuminated in the dead of night. Not only can you easily read the time, but you can see the date and the day of the week located at the bottom of the clock.

When it comes to getting up in the mornings, the ascending loud alarm is sure to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. Plus if you want those five extra minutes, you can hit the snooze and roll out of bed a few minutes later.

One of the unique aspects of the Travelwey Digital alarm clock is how it offers a travel mode. In travel mode, the clock shuts down and disables the buttons. Not only does this feature save on energy, but it also helps to keep your wake up time the same no matter where you go off to.

Features I Liked:

  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight for traveling
  • Easy to access light for night time viewing
  • Easy to reach snooze button
  • Display is clear and simple to read
  • Comes with a travel mode to disable the buttons on the device
  • Props up on its stand
  • Loud alarm to wake anyone up
  • Power source is two “AA” batteries


5. Marathon Auto Night Light

Are you a busy business traveler that has more than one destination to go to? Then you will need this Marathon Atomic travel clock. With the Marathon Atomic travel clock, you can add up to six time zones. Easily switch from Mountain, Pacific, Central, and Atlantic Time zones on this 3.25 x 0.5 x 2.75 inch alarm clock.

The Marathon Atomic travel clock offers you a clear easy to read digital face. You can quickly glance at the face to find the time, date, the day of the week, and even the temperature. During the night you will be pleased to know that the clock does not illuminate itself. There is a light switch for you to touch to see the whole face of the clock. This Marathon clock also comes with an automatic backlight with a built-in sensor to detect when it is dark. This feature is perfect for those who need a nightlight. If you don’t, the light can be turned off manually.

When it is time to get up, the alarm will ring true and keep going until you turn it off or hit the snooze. The snooze button is located at the top of the clock making it convenient for you to hit in the morning. This small compact travel alarm clock is powered by two “AAA” batteries.

Features I Liked:

  • Convent placement of the snooze button
  • Small and lightweight
  • Multiple time zone setting
  • Easy to ready display
  • Shows the month, day of the week, and temperature
  • Easy to set
  • Light source can be turned on or off
  • Fits in the palm of your hand


6. Westclox Travelmate

This sleek and stylish Westclox Travelmate alarm clock is a simple alarm clock. It is digital with easy to read settings. There is no confusion when it comes to setting this clock. You will find the buttons to set this clock on the front and clearly marked.

The Westclox doesn’t offer a large snooze button, but it is still there for those that need one. Unlike some of the other alarm clocks on this list, the Westclox has to be one of the more simplistic alarm clocks you will find. It doesn’t offer many bells and whistles and is perfect for those that just want a travel alarm clock.

When it comes to the sound of the alarm, unlike other bells or rings, this clock makes a chirping sound. For some that is enough to get them up. However, for others, they may find that they sleep right through the bird like an alarm.

For those heavy sleepers, you won’t be disturbed by a continuous light. The Westclox offers a backlight that shows the time only when pressed.

Features I Liked:

  • No continuous light to keep you awake
  • Alarm chirps instead of rings
  • Easy to set alarm
  • You don’t need a manual to use this alarm clock
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Price is right
  • Compact and easy to pack up


7. Plumeet Non-Ticking Travel Alarm Clock

Don’t let the cuteness of the Plumeet travel alarm clock fool you. This alarm clock will get you up and moving with its loud ascending alarm.

You will be able to easily see the hands of the Plumeet alarm clock with the small light you press. This clock doesn’t stay illuminated all night which is great for the nocturnal sleepers. Plus you won’t hear a thing as this clock is completely silent until it is time to wake up. However, for those that need a little light, the Plumeet does offer a small nightlight that can be switched on or off easily. If you prefer to have just the hands illuminated at night, you will need to keep this clock in continuous light during the day. The hands absorb the light and will glow during the night if fully charged. The clock runs off a single “AA” battery and comes in two different colors.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a digital clock, you will find that this alarm clock will meet your needs. The alarm is gradual and continues to get louder until it is turned off. The 3 x 3-inch alarm clock fits neatly in any suitcase or bag and is a must have for traveling on business.

Features I Liked:

  • Small and simple to use
  • Multiple colors
  • Easy to set
  • Ascending alarm to wake up gradually
  • Comes with built-in night light
  • Hands illuminate if fully charged by the sun during the day
  • Doesn’t make a sound


8. Casio TQ140

Are you looking for an alarm clock that gives off light all night long? With the Casio TQ140 travel alarm clock you will clearly see the clock no matter what. The hands and the numbers are bold and illuminate all night long giving you the clear time even in the dead of night.

When it comes to waking up you will find the beeping of the alarm is perfect for heavy sleepers. It is a constant sound until you hit the snooze button or turn off the alarm.

Now when it comes to setting the Casio travel alarm clock, you don’t need any manual. Simply use the dials on the back of the clock to set your time and toggle the switch to the upright position to turn on the alarm. With this simple design, you will never have to wonder if the alarm is on or off. When the toggle is up, the alarm is on, when it is down, it’s off.

Some may not like the fact that this clock not only glows at night but that it also ticks. For others though, the soft dull ticking in the background is exactly what they need to fall asleep.

When it comes to picking a travel alarm clock, you should also consider one that is rugged. You don’t need to worry about having this one bounce around in your luggage and break as it is constructed of plastic and can take a bit of a beating.

Features I Liked:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Bold numbers
  • Hands and numbers stay illuminated throughout the night
  • Easy to set
  • Comes with an “AA” battery
  • Ticks for those that need background noise


9. Leeron Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

When it comes to style you can’t get anything better than the Leeron Wooden Digital alarm clock. This clock imitates wood and looks sharp with its digital display. You can clearly see the time set to either 12 or 24-hour format, the day of the week, temperature, and the date.

This alarm offers three different types of alarm to get you up and moving in the mornings. Unlike other clocks on this list it can be powered by either a USB cord connected to your computer or another outlet, or you can use four “AAA” batteries.

When it comes to getting a good night sleep, you can adjust the light of the clock. For those that want the bright light to those that need complete darkness, this clock has a setting for you. Plus, the Leeron Wooden Digital Alarm clock offers voice activation that can be turned on or off. When it is turned on, simply make a noise and the clock will tell you the time. Just remember to adjust this setting before bed so you aren’t woken up every time you start to snore.

Now, this alarm clock may be a bit bulky compared to some of the other clocks, it does add style. Still, you won’t have an issue packing this 7-ounce alarm clock into your travel bag to take with you wherever you may go.

Features I Liked:

  • Super stylish
  • Clear display of time, date, day, and temperature
  • High-tech with sound recognition
  • Multiple power sources
  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Three different alarms to get you up and moving


10. PerryLee Wooden Cube Travel Alarm Clock

If you think the Leeron Wooden digital clock is impressive you will love the PerryLee Wooden Cube clock. Unlike the Leeron which is a rectangle, the PerryLee is in the shape of a cube and offers you the same awesome features.

You will find that the PerryLee can be powered by three “AAA” batteries or the use of a USB cable. The clock can be set to either 12 or 24-hour formats. Like the Leeron, the PerryLee is also sound activated and comes with three alarm modes to get you up and going. Plus it comes with a power saving mode and will shut down until it is needed.

Features I Liked:

  • Cube shaped
  • Multiple power settings
  • Brilliant display
  • Easy to set
  • Lightweight
  • Sound activated


Editor’s Pick:

When it comes to the function of an alarm clock, you want one that is going to get you up on time. You want one that also won’t keep you up all night due to the ticking or extra light. An alarm clock should be easy to read and easy to pack.

That is why the best travel alarm clock you purchase would be the Leeron Wooden Digital Alarm Clock. The fact that you don’t have to worry about when the last time you switched out the batteries is great. Plus the clock is adjustable to suit your needs.

Whether you want to change up the alarm setting or the light setting, this clock accommodates you. So the next time you are out looking for an alarm clock to take with you on your travels, you need to consider the Leeron Digital Alarm Clock.


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